Viet Talent Development Fund was founded to realise the dream of Vietnamese talents through nurturing and helping talented talents with ambition and passion to have the opportunity to shine.

  • Operate as a not-for-profit social fund to support and help Vietnamese citizens develop their talents in the fields of sports, culture, art, etc.
  • Voluntary, self-funded, self-financed and self-responsible before law for the Fund's activities.
  • Make the Fund's finances transparent to the public.
  • The Fund was formed from the initial contributions of the founders and self-generated capital on the basis of fundraising and sponsorship from domestic and foreign individuals and organisations (cash, items, etc.).
  • All 100% of the contribution amount is for the Talents, the operating costs will not be taken from the Fund's money.
  • Citizens and organizations in Vietnam have achieved good results in competitions, physical, sports, cultural and artistic events at the national level or higher, or at the provincial or city level approved by the competent authority, or the social organization of the province or city introduced.
  • Young talents in the fields of sport, culture and art have potential for development.
  • Schools, establishments, training centers, physical training, sports, culture - art have difficult conditions and lack of equipment.
  • Vietnamese citizens have talents in physical training, sports, culture - art but living in difficult circumstances.
  • The Fund Management Board will decide on the selection of suitable Talents.
  • Sponsor cash, in-kind, services, etc. to help and create conditions for the Talents to develop comprehensively in skills, physical abilities, etc., in order to help them develop their capacity in the best way.
  • Reward and encourage individuals and groups with achievements in competitions, performances, etc.
  • Support the talents to overcome difficulties in life.
  • In addition, the Fund will participate in serving social and charity programs at the request of donors in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Based on the Fund's financial capacity, the Fund Management Board will decide the appropriate form of sponsorship for each specific Talent.